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Reading Mice and Joysticks on the Spectrum Next using C
How to read the mouse and joystick on a Spectrum Next, using C. Also another settlement needs your assistance, general.
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Hardware Sprites on the ZX Spectrum Next in C
Drawing sprites on the Spectrum Next, using C. Or - how to learn the dark art of figuring out things you don’t understand.
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Writing C Code on a Spectrum Next
What better way to wait out the apocalypse than trying to learn a new system. Read how I dug out my ZX Spectrum Next and set about writing C code on it...
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Gameboy Advance Dev Workflow in 2020
How to write GameBoy Advance (GBA) homebrew using modern tools and systems in 2020. Compilers, editors, debugging and more!
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How to Write Emulator - Fetch Decode Execute Cycle
The beating heart of any CPU is the fetch-decode-execute cycle. It is the same for our simulator
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A week of Pico 8, and the fun of limits
A week that turns into two, after a trip to hospital following a fire drill. In between these excitements is some Pico 8 programming.
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