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0x02 - Why the name?

Life as an “indie developer” sounds like the dream life, doesn’t it? Get up, sometime around the crack of noon, casually sit around and bash out a bit of code while sitting and enjoying not having a boss or any real world commitments.

Someone else once told me that gamedev was like playing pinball - if you did well, your reward was to do it all again. And again. Make a thing, distribute the thing quickly so you can make the next thing. A bit like running on a treadmill, or working a production line.

My aim is to not do this as a job, I’m not trying to get rich and quit my day job or anything too outrageous. I’ll stick with just making some fun games in the rare amount of spare time I have. A few hours here, a few hours there. If people play them, that’s nice and if they tell me they play them, that’s a bonus. Since I’m not relying on this endeavour to keep the lights on and pay for my shiny new house, I can afford to not take things too seriously.

What I do want is to get semi competent at making games. I’m a fairly decent programmer, but me making fun games is a bit like Data from Star Trek trying to do poetry. To get better at this I need to make many games, to try out lots of ideas. I’m still at the stage where getting a bunch of sprites on the screen can take far too long, so I’m bored before even getting to the design part. Part of what I want is to build a workflow so the time wasting parts can be optimised away.