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#GitHubGameOff Jam 2019 Day 1
Day 1 of the #GitHubGameOff jam, where I create a basic platform controller and level builder.
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Component Based Game Engine From Scratch Part 2
This time I explain how to mimic Unity's GetComponent<> system using C++ templates.
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Easier Game Controller Input in SDL with SDL_GameController
SDL_GameController is a better way to manage game controllers, compared to raw SDL_Joystick code, however it's not well documented. Here is how I use it.
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Maths for Programmers 1 Rearranging Equations
Straight forward instructions on how to rearrange algebraic equations, all wrapped up in a nice free PDF to download. Don't fear maths or algebra again!
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Component Based Game Engine From Scratch Part 1
This is going to be the first part in a continuing series where I try to explain how and why I'm creating my own game engine using C++ and the SDL library.
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